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/ SE Asia 2014 (Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia)

Bangkok – Charoen Krung 61 Alley, Dodgy Apartment


Dodgy Apartment in Bangkok

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Bangkok (1st May 2014)

Made it to a very hot and sunny (31 degrees at 9am) Bangkok with a bit of extra baggage, under the eyes. Only 3-4 hours own fault for catching up on a few cheesy films (the type Rach wouldn't typically watch). Grabbed a pink cab to our apartment, a modern beautifully decorated self catering studio located at the end of a quiet characterless alleyway. After offloading the rucksacks and a swift refreshing shower we headed out.

Bought an all day boat pass at Central Pier, boarded the next public ferry and made our way down river to pier stop, the National Barge Museum (we wanted to avoid the usual attractions as we had seen most of them before). After deciphering the pocket size tourist booklet which accompanied the ferry ticket, we eventually navigated our way through the maze of roads, alleyways, criss-cross paths and walkways to the museum...I must admit, we did question whether we were going the right way as the route was not an obvious one to a public attraction.

Entry was 100 baht each (only 20 baht for locals), with a 100 baht add-on option take pictures - which we opted of, for a viewing that lasted all of about 5 minutes. The venue, an open plan hangar, best way to describe it, filled with several longboat crafts built for and used by the king. Hand crafted with ornate carvings, embedded jewels and gold leaf features...each one a unique masterpiece. On our way out we were approached by an elderly Thai man with a wispy comb over and a Tiger tattoo which he informed us was done using the bamboo tattoo method. Rach and I looked at each other and thought, just before he spoke, and said..."here comes a business pitch."

Long boat tour, lady on market boat, Chiang and Leo beers, 30baht tax, temple, ferry.
Nap, dinner in china town.

Apartment Room...pretty on the inside
Apartment view...not so pretty on the outside
Bamboo Tiger Tattoo man with comb over
One of the long tail boats buzzing about on the river
Driver of our longtail
Life on the riverside
Water Market Boat approaches bearing gifts
A beer named after my son
Dinner in China Town

Bangkok – Charoen Krung 61 Alley, Dodgy Apartment

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