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Montego Bay – Church Lane

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Montego Bay is one of the breathtakingly beautiful cities in the world. A popular Caribbean destination, the city is flocked by travelers from different parts of the world. The city offers a perfect milieu for a romantic escapade, a thrilling vacation, or a serene family holiday and various airlines offer cheap flights to Montego Bay. No matter the season, visitors throng the city in high spirits and upbeat moods. Most travelers focus their concentration on sightseeing alternatives or adventure tourism in the city. However, others seem to be excited about the assortment of seafood waiting to be served while dining with their special ones at the backdrop of the gorgeous city. Therefore, let us unveil some of the best restaurants in the city to munch a delicious feast and their unique offerings.

Cuisine: International
Travelers who are looking for some classy restaurants should definitely head towards this terrace restaurant. The overall décor, the tranquility, and the Victorian furnishing overlooking the mighty ocean set the perfect timing for a romantic evening. The scrumptious menu of streaks and seafood only adds to the passion throughout. The fish and chips, the sandwiches, and the drinks are all worth every single penny.

Cuisine: Caribbean

This restaurant is for the ones who are very particular about flavors. It is nothing like the typical restaurant but is a food hut in close proximity to the popular Sandals Resort in the city. In spite of being close to a large resort, this place has managed to stick to the essence of offering good food. Least bothered by the five-star property it continues to allure the locals as one of their favorite eating spots in the city. Better known for its seafood offerings, one should expect pleasantly served food. The oil content is surprisingly low as compared to the common Jamaican preparations. You will never be disappointed with their flavors. Mild means mild and you will be amazed to relish a delicacy that is not too spicy or bland. Their curry items are the highlight.

Cuisine: Caribbean/ Vegetarian
Contrary to the flowery name, this restaurant is a romantic’s paradise. Set up in the plush locales of an equally elegant mansion, the food and the majestic furnishings sweep one off their feet. Their shrimps are worth the visit. Another striking feature of this restaurant is its delicious and assorted vegetarian offerings. If you ever visit this place, don’t forget to try the curry caribe. It offers a twisted flavor of the vegetables and local fruits soaked on peppery gravy.

Cuisine: American
The Pork Pit is a unique eating-place in the city. Graced by the presence of a 300-year old silk-cotton tree, this restaurant entices many visitors. The pleasant smell of the mouth-watering barbeque is too good to be ignored. It offers a variety of barbeque menus including chicken, and pork.

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Montego Bay restaurants

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Chester Fried Chicken Restaurants Montego Bay

Travelers can book cheap flights to Montego Bay with various airlines that fly to the beautiful Jamaican city and enjoy an exhilarating holiday.

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Montego Bay – Church Lane

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