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Morocco, 24. April 2019
Today is my first flight back!!
I’ve passed all my exams .. maybe not 100% but A PASS IS A PASS

I met Paige at my recurrent training, she is hilarious.. we just have such a laugh!

Paige is on my flight today to Brussels then to Marrakesh

We don’t really know what’s going on because 1 we don’t fly to Brussels or Marrakesh 😂😂

The day was a laugh from start to finish
We checked in at 11:25am and didn’t check out till 12:15am the following morning


Basically we took an empty aircraft just the crew to Brussels
We then picked up a business group who worked for SAP ! There boss was treating them too a holiday because they worked so well last year !!!!!


We worked out they were all French!

Paige lived in France for 5 years but can’t speak a word of it hahah

The passengers were SO rude like literally ridiculous!!

It was basically like a party plane😂

It was a laugh in the end tho

It wasn’t like any normal service we would do at Thomas cook!!

Anyway we had a laugh.

Then when the passengers got off in Marrakesh we flew home empty again!

I mean what boss is that rich to hire a plane from Thomas cook to take his staff away😂🤦🏽‍♀️

Me and Paige got to sit In the flight deck for landing into Brussels it was amazing !! We loved it

The captain and FO were so funny and friendly they were great

The FO was fit !! Although he has a girlfriend 😂

I’m not currently in bed trying to sleep before my night flight to Antalya later with Paige again😁


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