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/ L2: It's not a midlife crisis

It's not a mid-life crisis - travel bragging again

Australia, 03. June 2019
Our trip plan
Just over 5 years ago (cant believe it has been that long) Luke and I started our trip from England to Australia. We took 9 months, 4 of which were on an Overland truck travelling from Istanbul to Kolkata and then 5 months around South-east Asia.
It was amazing, we saw some brag-worthy sights (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tibet and Everest base-camp, anyone? to name a few) and whilst there was the odd challenge, we loved it.
Fast forward a couple of years, we had settled in Australia, but were missing the ease of European travel and the 25 days a year holiday which could be taken when we wanted to take it.
No children (except a cat), no mortgage and turning 40 created the perfect storm which made us decide to drop everything and go traveling again. Thankfully my parents are happy to look after the cat.
We have therefore decided to catch the train from Beijing to London (trans-Mongolian/ trans-Siberian) spending a month each in Mongolia and Russia then Belarus (c.3 weeks), Poland, Germany, Belgium and England/Scotland. Then Ecuador and the Galapagos for around a month, because why not.
Whilst you are welcome to come along for the ride, and it is a massive brag, this is also for us and our memories, so it might be a bit long winded!
We leave on 18 June 2019 and have quite a lot to do before we go!


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