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From your travel experiences
to your Photobook

Here's how it works: Mark station by station for your trip on the map and add your photos, tips and experiences - whether during the journey or later from home is up to you. At the end of your journey, only a few steps are needed to create a real book from your travel diary.

From your travel experiencesto your Photobook
Your loved ones are with you

Your loved ones are with you

Your family and your friends at home can follow you on Tripmii and get notified with every new post. On this way you stay in touch with them and they always know you are fine. If you travel with a group, you can share a travel diary and add your experiences together.

Touch your travel memories

Your journey as a photobook

Your journey as a photobook
Basic prices book with 28 pages for 25.99 EUR. Each additional page 0.25 EUR.

At the end of your trip, Tripmii makes it easy to create a professionally designed photobook of your travel diary.

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That's how Tripmii works

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That's how Tripmii works

Your photos

The easiest way to add your photos to your travel diary is via your smartphone. But even if you have saved some photos on your camera, you can easily use them for your travel diary. Use a USB adapter to upload the photos to your smartphone. Or you can upload them to your laptop and then add them to the travel diary via the website.

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    To try Tripmii and for small trips BASIC is perfect. BASIC is free and includes all the key features you need to create a travel journal and share with your friends.

    If your trip takes a little longer or you want Tripmii to be the new home for your travel diaries then you should check out PREMIUM. For only once € 6.99 / year you can not only use as many travel diaries and stations as you want with PREMIUM, you also get many useful functions.
    • One travel diary per user
    • Unlimited number of stations per diary
    • 30 photos per station
    for free
    • Create unlimited travel diaries
    • Unlimited number of stations per diary
    • 30 photos per station
    • 5% discount on all orders of a photo book
    • Hide your diary
    • Set individual pictures to 'private'
    • 100% ad free
    • Premium Support
    for free
    pay once
    € 6.99
    per year
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    Tripmii at a glance



    Track your travel route with all habitations, stopovers and excursions.



    Use Tripmii as your digital photo album.



    Share your tips with other travellers and benefit from countless tips yourself.


    Your travel map

    Get a map with all the places you have travelled to.



    Turn Tripmii into your travel journal.



    Give a "Like" to all photos and places you enjoy.


    Full-Screen slideshow

    Present your journey to your family and friends.



    Share your travel experiences by Email, Facebook or Twitter.



    Follow other travellers and get followed by others - upon your approval if you prefer so.



    Give feedback on photos and destinations.


    Private pictures

    Keep selected pictures private - viewable only for you and your fellow travellers.



    Decide on who gets notifications about your latest news.



    You can delete your personal data, travel diaries and each of your photos at any time!


    iOS App

    For travelling light there is a free mobile app available.


    Offline Mode

    Do not worry about a bad network connection. The app is always running!



    Upload and edit the content with up to eight authors.

    And much more …

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