Hi, this is Tripmii

We love to travel to all the fantastic places our planet has to offer. And we want to share our experiences with our friends and everybody with the same passion. So we started to build this site back in 2010 and work hard to make it a little bit better every day.

Chrizz & Marcel

About us

We are Chrizz Gelbach and Marcel Staudt,
Developer, Designer and Founder of Tripmii.

Chrizz & Marcel

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform that allows everyone in the world to save and share their travel experiences. Everyone can share itineraries, stations and pictures that they have collected on their journey from all over the planet. Tripmii is easy to use and it looks ... amazing! Just as we like it. We hope you like it too.


Tripmii is 100% owned by Chrizz Gelbach and Marcel Staudt.
Tripmii is always open for interesting and clever cooperations pushing the platform forward.

Feel free to contact us :)