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/ Big Red Rock in 3 Weeks

Mount Zeil - Ormiston Gorge

Australia, 01. May 2018
Early morning on the 30th April we packed up and headed to Kings Canyon and did the rim walk. It was awesome and the kids did great Daniel carried Mason on his shoulders for the first 5klm and I did the last 1klm Logan lasted we until the last 500m then got carried after a good stack. Took us just over 2hrs.

On the merrenie loop we came across some wild brumby came around a corner and saw 4 running across the rd then another 4 further along.

We then headed to do the merrenie loop and stayed at ormiston gorge Really pretty here. Met a nice old couple next to us.

The next morning we packed up and went for a walk to the look out platform which extended to walking down to the other end of the canyon and walking back we saw some ducklings hiding in the weed and a tabby shell further along. Followed by one last swim.
Kings Canyon Rim Walk Continued ....
Last klm of Kings Canyon Rim Walk
Mereenie Loop
Wild brumby's in McDonald Ranges
Ormiston Gorge
From the lookout walk @ Ormiston Gorge

Mount Zeil – Ormiston Gorge

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