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Port Macquarie – 44 Church Street

Australien, 23. November 2018
Today I arrived in Port Macquarie in the mid of the night. I chose the greyhound bus and the hop on, hop off ticket with departure Brisbane. It was 4am when the busdriver stopped. At the bus station I met a girl from Germany. She was very planned and knew immediately where to go. She still had to walk 2 kilometers with her luggage. I was so happy that I only have to walk 800 meters. Coincidentally because I had of course just looked if my hostel is near to the beach. 😄 Reception was sleeping but I learned “no worries”. Well, I decided to put my stuff in a corner and walked to the beach to see the sunrise. It was wonderful. Normally I am not an early bird like the Aussis are. They went to the beach at 5 to go surfing an swimming. Crazy!
I tought 8 o clock is a human time to wake people up. And yes one girl was awake and said that i can place my bag under the billard table and she was so kind and gave me a blanket. I was sleeping for two hours on the couch. This is the first place that looks like a real backpacker hostel. Loud music, comfy area with old couches, playstation and a billard table in the middle of the room. Surfboards and motorcycles in the backyard.Ilike it! They have a dog and I was cuddling her. Her name is Chili. On my second day I met a beauty named Anka. First german girl that I really liked from
the first moment. We were going for a long beach walk with the dog and a dutch girl. We chatted the whole night while we have cooked and played games.

Koala hospital was amazing. All of them looks so cut.They takes care and gives them now a protected environment. Natur is beautiful. 22 Hours SLEEP! Wow, what a life.

could be my fridge- Coke Zero and Almondmilk
Tabu auf english- dann mal los
friendship- Beachside Backpackers
Dankbar 🙌🏼 War klar, dass mir meine Kopfhörer jetzt schon nachgeschickt werden müssen.
Storm and we were at shellybeach for the coastalwalk. My connection was good enough to call them and they picked us up with its Volvo. [I like the car. Its so comfortable and you feel like: „life is easy and an adventure! ” Maybe because of the time with my cousins when i was sixteen. My uncle had this typ of car.
Chilln with chili

Port Macquarie – 44 Church Street

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