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/ Cusco – Peru

Cusco and Machu Picchu

Peru, 07. December 2018
Cusco rooftops Bulls are symbols of good luck
Left PHX on December 6th through DFW. Flew overnight from DFW to Lima. Arrived Lima at 6am local time. Four hour layover, then flew Latam to Cusco. Arrived Cusco at noon. David, our guide, met us at the airport and we took a taxi to our hotel. Hotel Rumi Pumku. Very cute room. Comfy bed. Hot shower. Great view of the area from our room.

David suggested we relax for at least two hours. Took a long nap then walked about the city looking for dinner. Settled on a restaurant that had a wide variety of dishes. Most restaurants are serving pizza and pasta but David suggested something light. I had trout with potatoes and rice. Christina has soup.

Continued to walk about. Found a crepe kiosk and had a chocolate crepe. Then back to the hotel.

I'm amazed at how many people are selling items on the street. Old and young. I expected some stores selling alpaca and llama items but there was also just a ton of people peddling other trinkets. The biggest surprise was the amount of people trying sell massages.
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