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/ On an adventure - Barcelona


Spain, 26. November 2017
On one of my adventures again!!!

I have always wanted to go here so when I had the money spare I thought why not booked the flights and accommodation and was off again!
Plus as expected I got the usual omg don’t go there on your own why are you going somewhere you’ve never been on your own? Well my answer is if I don’t go and explore and see New places even on my own I never will plus if I listened to every person who was so woven into their own lives and what’s what I will never go anywhere. Sorry I get itchy feet too much!!

So once I got there....well you have to do the usual boat trip around the harbour to see the city from a distance... make sure you wrap up warm though!

I can’t believe how beautiful this place is. The architecture, history, the food and the people are all amazing and so friendly. Everyone thought I was so crazy going on my own but you know what I’m so glad I did. I found so many little hidden places and restaurants for something different to eat was delicious! I went on a 5 mile walk to find La Sagrada Familia which was amazing more beautiful than what people make out to be the work that must have also gone into making it so magnificent. I found a cute little restaurant the girl that served me was lovely she even persuaded me to try squid for the first time I suppose you have too definitely when it’s fresh and you know what I actually liked it.

I paid a visit to the aquarium which is about €20 but you have to when you visit a new city plus I’ve never seen a shark!! It was good I would recommend it for families and kids.

Also at night I found a awesome bar called the Wild Rover. The staff drinks and atmosphere was thriving. They were showing sports and also late on at night they would have a musician what else to get you drinking more and dancing then some good songs.


Whilst I was away I stay in Acta Mimic if you’re looking for somewhere in the city centre but still away from the noise this is the place. The staff are lovely they can’t do enough for you, the rooms are spotless and also it use to be an old theatre so the way that it is designed is amazing.

Perfect place for drinks

I found this place just by chance!
There’s a wide variety of drinks the staff are awesome bubbly friendly! The place has a real welcome feel which is what I like nothing worst than walking in somewhere and everyone stares at you. The beers are spot on too.
They also show live sport and they have music on late at night. When I was there a guy from Cork was singing he was so good! I would definitely recommend this place. It’s right in the centre too so you’re close to everywhere.

La Sagrada Familia

So I took the chance and walked to find this amazing sight!
If you like walking I would definitely recommend taking a walk to find this and purposely get lost within the streets and alleys. The places I found was amazing the little coffee shops, bars and the buildings are breathtaking!
You can pay around €34 to go inside Familia or you can stand outside and admire the view.


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