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Marrakech Médina – Rue Redouane

A day of sitting it was

We set out our stall in what looked to be an excellent location, near the pool, in the sun and near the pool free bar.... we however were informed by a cheery chap that he sat there yesterday and by 1pm
He lost the sun behind the trees, so we relocated!!

The new spot was lovely and warm with the sun beating down on our little pasty white bodies, but if the sun went behind a palm tree for a few moments it got a little chilly. First drinks of the day occurred at around 11, I had a virgin mojito as it was too early for me, Jamesy had a beer. After lunch mine descended into a proper mojito, why not 😉

Lunch consisted of a pizza with tuna on and the occasional olive to flick at James. Was very tasty but def not needed after such a big breakfast. We cooked a little more in the sun, reading our books and drinking cocktails and beer before a siesta and time to get ready for dinner!!

Dinner was more western tonight.... roast beef was a highlight but the best discovery was that the green ice cream was pistachio!!! AMAZING!! We went for a holiday walk around the gardens and retired to the bar for another free cocktail. We were very judgemental with our people watching but was hilarious!!! James and I can be such bitches!!! Lol!! Time for bed and a sudoku that we were given around the pool earlier!!

Marrakech Médina – Rue Redouane

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