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Morocco, 06. December 2017
Today was mountain day, and as per usual if I know there is an alarm set for a reason (other than work!!) I was awake by 6am. This however does mean I managed to catch sunrise, not as spectacular as some we have seen but then again there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky since we have been here so it was unlikely anyway!!

After the 10 changes of clothes (I did not want to offend any Berber people!!!) we headed to breakfast and then met our guide youssuf at8.30 for the day out in a 4x4. There was a French couple in our car but other English people in the other 4 cars that convoyed their way up the mountain passes. We were informed as to how the mountains developed and where we were heading for the day. I did not need to worry about my dress compared to some of the other English with us!!! We only stopped at one cooperative on the way which was a surprise but I was gutted that there was no argon oil.... was banking on this trip for that.... guess back to the souks for that!! We stopped at various vantage points to take some photos with the guide explaining about the culture and the different stripes in the mountains due to their chemical makeup. We stopped at a Berber house and were prepared a traditional cup of mint tea.... it was delicious but def a performance put on for the tourists.
We continued up the valley to look over the valley at the 4000m peaks that Adam will be climbing next week. Covered in their winter snow caps. Down the valley and up the other side we stopped for lunch, salad, Berber omelette and a chicken ravine. The omelette was full of pepper and tomato so I did not sample that but the rest was scrummy, esp the 4th plate of cous cous!!!

The return journey was not too bad and we were back at the hotel for 4.30.... time for a beer and a virgin mojito in the last of the sun on our balcony.


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