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Gueliz – Rue Yves-Saint-Laurent

Morocco, 08. December 2017
This morning we ventured to the gardens on a tui organised excursion. 2 gardens with a horse trap ride between the 2.

The first was basically a park with an old building and a ‘reservoir’ at the front of it?! To me a big swimming pool.... beautiful but there were abt 20 coach parties there too, making our little group of 8 quite insignificant. The house and trap ride was fun, how no on dies on the roads is beyond me.... I would not want to attempt to drive here at all. We zigzagged between buses, coaches, cats and motorbikes, breathing in the fresh fumes as we went .... I loved it.

The yves st Laurent garden was very peaceful, again a big tourist attraction but less stressful as you could get away from them. The gardens are a striking blue, Majorelle Blue, no named after the founder of the park. It fell into disrepair after he died until yves st Laurent took it on and made it fabulous once again. We stopped for some Moroccan tea in the cafe which was a stunning courtyard and sampled some pastries along with it.

After a wander in the craft centre on our return, we headed to the hotel for our last sit and some lunchy.

Gueliz – Rue Yves-Saint-Laurent

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