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Marrakech Médina

Morocco, 07. December 2017
We had a very lazy day by the pool today. I finished my book (valley of the horses) and ate a lot of ice cream. We were saving ourselves for the market square that evening.

We decided we had had enough of bain-marie food and went out for dinner overlooking the square. We had to dress warmly as the temperature drops a lot at night. I wrapped up in my shell and we strutted through the streets to the square, crossing roads a little more successfully than before!! We were only accosted once for weed but by a million other people trying to sell henna and argan oil.
Our restaurant was up on the 3rd floor overlooking the square. The reviews stated the service was not great but the food was fabulous. The reviews were correct.... a beef tagine and chicken cous cous between us was more than enough food to see us through the evening. There was a small band playing too.
As we left we did a circuit of the square and watched and listened to the music and soaked up the atmosphere. A mix of tourist performances and people having a daily catchup! As we returned to the hotel we opened ed a bottle of red and sat on the balcony of the hotel with the mosque as the backdrop.... something not quite right there 😳

Marrakech Médina

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