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East Iceland

Iceland, 03. September 2018
September 3: We left our campsite and headed to our first waterfall. As we were driving it didn’t seem like there was anything to see. We pulled up next to a field and saw one car in the parking area. We weren’t sure that we’d find a waterfall. However much to our surprise, just a short ways from the car there it was. A smaller but still beautiful fall. This one was very cool because we had it pretty much all to ourselves. No crowds or hoopla. Just the sound of the water and open field all around. The falls name was Ægissíðufoss.

Next we headed to a better known fall, Seljalandsfoss. At this stop we see there are 4 waterfalls. The first being the main fall and the one you can actually walk behind. The mist gets you a bit wet, but it’s well worth it. The power and beauty is amazing. We luckily continued on looking at the other falls. The next two were pretty but just smaller versions. As we come up on the 4th we notice there was a line and realize this waterfall goes into a ‘rock’ shelter. It’s almost like an alcove. You can go into and stand right at the base of the fall. In the confines of rock shelter you definitely get wet. However the experience is well worth a little moisture. Danny didn’t get enough in the shelter so he just took a full step in the creek on the way out. This MAY have been an accident but could have been just wanting to play in a ‘puddle’!

Our next trek was to find the oldest swimming pool (Seljavallalaug)in Iceland! This was another one of those ‘surprise’ locations. We drove off the main road and went back aways. We came upon a parking lot, but no pool in sight. After about a 1/4 mile walk we finally found the pool. It is very old and is set in the side of a hill. One side of the pool is the hill with a warm stream feeding it. The pool was heated solely by nature. The other 3 sides are made of concrete. The changing rooms were shared. We had taken our suits to experience the warm pool. It was an experience and glad we did it, but it was a bit mucky.

After our ‘refreshing’ dip, we loaded up again and headed to one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls, Skógafoss. The parking is at the base of this fall. To get the magnificent views, we climbed a stairwell path. The path consisted of 525 steps up the side of a ‘hill’. We got to the top and both thought it was beautiful. We took picture and just enjoyed its beauty before heading back down. We both did get a chuckle at a little woman with a selfie stick photo if every angle of the falls.

Our next stop was the famous Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. I almost recommended we skip it since it had been such a long day...boy am I glad I didn’t. It was absolutely fabulous!!! The black sand was beautiful and such a sharp contrast from any beach I had ever seen. However, that wasn’t the only amazing site. The cliffs surrounding it looked like stacked and clustered columns. A ways down, just off the shoreline was formations. As the waves crashed around the formations it would spray and at times dramatically come through the formations. It was seriously breathtaking!

Finally our day came to an end and we headed to our campsite in the town of Vik. It was Þakgil campsite. It had nice facilities but lots of campers. The new bath house charges $400 ISK for a 5 minute for shower. The shower is community style and lacked any privacy. Not to mention there was no mirror or shelving for after shower. The old shower house had mirrors but required getting dressed and going to another building. Hopefully they’ll remedy this one.

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