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Grand Central Station

United States, 16. September 2018
Sometimes called New York City’s ‘Crown Jewel’, Grand Central Station is not just a beautiful, cathedral-like building but one of NYC’s key symbols. Erected in 1917 it was later conferred ‘landmark status’ thanks to the 1970s campaign spearheaded by First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Its four-sided, globe-shaped Information Booth Clock is a landmark in and of itself, and is a renowned meeting point for family, friends, and lovers. The building itself has featured in films such as North By Northwest, starring Carrie Grant; the Fisher King; and Superman (Lex Luther’s HQ is beneath the station apparently!).

A day spent in Grand Central is a must, and is great for drinking coffee, people watching, marvelling at iconic architecture, and relaxing with a book or sudoku game.
There is also a Whispering Gallery, the infamous Oyster Bar, and elevated passages which you can explore and that give a glorious view over the concourse.

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