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Kandy – Srimath Kudaratwatte Mawatha

Sri Lanka, 01. December 2018
Today was a much more relaxed affair.... an 8am alarm was not required as we were both awake before it. Typical!!! The room was delightful, the noise in the corridor not so much. Breakfast was yummy and they have honey here which made me happy as there was a lack of it in the previous hotel.... I even asked Kingsley if it was a thing in Sri Lanka!

We headed to the city, with no map, no nothing, which for me was a little concerning!! Having parked in what can only be described as a multi story, we headed through a local ‘souk’ of sewing machines, barbers and shoe sellers to the ‘main street’..... oh the hustle and bustle!!! We walked around 3 blocks, found a little shop selling a sew on badge and then headed to the cultural centre where the performance was last night to find some utter tourist tat!!

We walked passed some of the sites we saw yesterday, saw a pelican (pecalin) eating it’s dinner and managed to spend some rupees!! Earrings, napkin holders, brass elephant etc etc. The gentleman who we had purchased this from took us to see the man doing some engraving!! He was incredible and made us a little brass plaque with a nelly on it and engraved it with Sneddon!!!

The afternoon was spent by the pool, roasting ourselves, reading, snoozing and having a dip in the pool. A plate of chips and a cocktail later, the sun was setting. We retired to get some dry clothes to give our swimmers a chance of drying before tomorrow and another cocktail, sat on beanbags in the bar, watching the sun go down. The view was better from our balcony so we took our dregs of cocktail up to the room and took some photos.... James got bored as you can see...

Dinner was spectacular as ever.... James thoroughly enjoyed the meat tonight! There was also a baked Alaska paraded through the restaurant with flashing fairy lights adorning it!!! Very snazzy!!

With alcohol and sun catching up with me and the same band playing as last night, time for an early night and a cheesy film on hbo!!

Kandy – Srimath Kudaratwatte Mawatha

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