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Bandaranaike International Airport

Sri Lanka, 09. December 2018
A short last blog as yesterday did not consist of much.... we packed, we sat, we ate, we drank!!

We returned to mez for dinner for an equally delicious meal..... we had the same humous for starters and then I had a rose and honey glazed chicken...... it was scrumptious! We drank a little too much wine and our waiter..... wanting a tip, made us a special cocktail as it was our last night!! Strong but yummy.

This morning a swift breakfast and then we were off in our car to the airport. James was allowed to check in online, I was not so we had to queue to get me a boarding pass!!! We are now all checked in, through grumpy customs and hand luggage scan waiting for our noble steed to bring us home to the cold and rain. Looking forward to seeing family though.

Sri Lanka out xxxn
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– Bandaranaike International Airport

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