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Greece, 14. September 2018
The night before we set a time of 8am as our meeting time to have some brekky together in our patio. The others have executive rooms with lovely fixtures and a balcony with ocean views but they are small balconies and can’t fit everyone. With our little ground room we have a big square courtyard so fits everyone. We had also planned our hike from Fira to Oia.

Off we set and started the trail. There was a nice breeze so it wasn’t too hot yet. I have never done a hike with so many different type of trails. We had cement, stones, pebbles, marbles, dirt, paving and bitumen. A little something for everyone. We had so many stairs and inclines my calves had better be toned because of it. You couldn’t really walk and enjoy the scenery as there were so many death traps you needed to watch where you were walking. We decided to make a detour and visit Skaros Rock and climb to the top. So....many.....stairs! It was worth it to have a 360 panoramic view of Santorini. The climb down was dreaded as my phobia kicked in hard by then. Hubert had a little slip but caught himself on two rocks before he could take out Elisa in front of him. His water bottle saved his hand from damage as it was speared on the rocks.

15km, 3 and a half hours and 110 floors later we made it. It was so busy on the streets in Oia, when walking the streets and we were all sardines in a single line walking slowly. Oia is more the classic Santorini you see on postcards, white and tranquil. The locals calls it Ia not Oia. I have only seen a handful of blue roofs so I feel lied to. We took the bus back to Fira and were so ravenous we had our Gyros for lunch on a wall outside the shop and walked back to the hotel afterwards. The daybeds by the pool were free, so we quickly got changed and headed back down to relax by the pool for recovery.

After the most rewarding shower of our lives when we onto our hotels front balcony and had a couple of wines and beers. I made friends with the local cat which we named Panda. She’s so very affection and I am loving having her around. We then headed back into town to find a big hat for myself. We have booked in a private sailing cruise tour for the 6 of us tomorrow and I want to be hampton’s chic.

The boys just wanted Gyros so they had that and us girls had Chinese. It was delicious and the boys all ended up finishing up our meals.

We strolled the streets and markets and I eventually found a hat I was happy with. The boys all enjoyed a gelato while us girls were still fill.

My sleep was interrupted as Matt has finally caught the man flu and blamed me. I feel like this is all Nicole’s doing so I’m blame-free. Wish me luck!

Caldera views
Greece - Thira - 1
Greece - Thira - 1
We named her Panda


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