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Croatia, 20. September 2018
Bosnia and Herzegovina
We met for the final time on the steps outside our apartments to take the million steps down to leave old town. We took the local bus to the bus port to get the 9am bus from Dubrovnik to Makarska. The bus trip takes a little over 3 hours.

The bus ride went quickly and it had lovely air-con and WiFi so everything you can need. We made plenty of stops for people to hop on the bus and the driver’s also stop every hour at cafes or depos to walk around and pick up snacks.

We had two passport control stops when we entered and left Bosnia and Herzegovina. I didn’t know the coast of Croatia gets split in the middle by Bosnia and Herzegovina. We had a stop and got to stretch our legs and see the area. One more country I’ve visited now. The views on the bus were pretty amazing and it was nice seeing the countryside.

The bus station in Makarska was a short walk to the apartment. We are staying at the family apartment so it’s exciting to finally see it. The apartment has two bedrooms upstairs and a shared toilet and then downstairs is the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom/lounge. It was decided that we would take the downstairs room as we are the early risers and the others in the upstairs bedrooms. Elisa and Huby are only here for one night so they got the small room with the bunks. Mike and Huby actually ended up in the bunks last night while the girls shared. The boys didn’t have the most restful sleep as it was a warm night and the room is very small.

Once we settled into the apartment we went adventuring around the area and got some lunch. We are very close to the main square and are staying in another great location. Makarska is picturesque. One side is massive mountains and the other the coastline. We stocked up on some goodies from the local supermarket and headed back to the apartment to sit around in the patio. We played guess the English word of the Croatia saying as we have a dictionary here. It just turned into who could make the worst sentence up.

We met the other apartment resident’s guest. His name is Dinko and he said he couldn’t speak English but did very well in communicating. He told us he met Rocco the neighbour while serving in the army together and he showed us his war wounds of his bullet wound scars. There were so many and all over his torso. He was very sweet. I wish we could speak Croatian to have chatted longer.

We ventured out to the restaurants for dinner which is around the cove and found many good spots. I can’t believe the cheapness of this place. The boys had some gelato before dinner after we had walked around the markets! This has been the most impressive markets so far. After our casual dinner of hotdogs, we all had gelato from the recommend place. It did not disappoint, I have finally found my favorite of the trip. The ‘premium cookies black’ has finally got the medal over the hazelnut in Barcelona.

We did some more exploring before we headed back to the apartment. We had bought a SIM card for the WiFi dongle we have in the apartment but there was a little mishap and the sim card was made into a micro card instead on a mini and it got stuck. There won’t be any names mentioned for their security but let’s just say the boys were in a tizzy trying to fix it. Us three girls sat on our bed and just chatted while they fiddled with their project.

They were successful and we all dutifully patted their backs on a job well done.

The next few days are going to be nice and relaxing so it’s going to be some slow mornings. Elisa and Huby are leaving for Poland and leaving at 9am tomorrow.


Views from bus
View from lunch at port
Makarska Square
Huby (& Mike) outside the apartment
View up the road


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