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Croatia, 24. September 2018
Market strip
I had a terrible night and matt has passed on his tonsillitis. It’s amazing as I had mine removed when I was little but only recently found out my left one partially grew back.

I laid in bed all day and got to sleep in the afternoon for a little bit. I showered and packed my bags ready for the 6 and a half hour bus ride to Zagreb tomorrow.

The boys went out in the morning and got our bus tickets for tomorrow. At lunch Nic, Mike and Matt went out to buy a SIM card for the travels and for the WiFi at home so they could stream the brownlows. They brought back some food for lunch and made rolls for us.

Thankfully it was a good day to be sick as the bora winds came in and howled through the streets all day. I felt like I was in Cape Town with the strong winds. It was quite impressive as the winds blew off one of the shutters upstairs so the boys were screwing that back on during the scary winds.

The winds didn’t relent so dinner was quick and close to home. We picked up some goodies for our long bus ride.

On a positive note Matt is feeling much better. I hope tomorrow I will too.

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