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Paddington – 1 Church Street

Australien, 15. October 2018
I found my favourite flowers again.
World was going under in down under. It rained a lot, today. But when the sun came through the clouds it feels so much warmer. I can image how strong the sun is in summer.

I was in the center of town, to visit a few nice corners. On my way there I walked through Paddington and Sury Hills and saw churches, little shops such as boutiques, book stores and flowersshops. I liked that much. My destination was China Town, but i did‘nt like it that way. I've seen nicer ones. But sushi for lunch was very tasty there. In the end i went to the harbour and looked at the buildings of the big companies with HSBC & PWC inside. Really nice modern architecture.
When I stood at the harbour I realized for the first time how far away I am from home.

Back in Bondi, i met a really nice girl from england. She is a new „roomy“. I like to say that word. What‘s next depends on the following days.
Nice Bakery.
Cenntenial Park
Dogpainting. I have immortalized myself!
I still wonder what kind of bird this is.

Paddington – 1 Church Street

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