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Hounslow – Canberra Road

United Kingdom, 25. November 2018
With a smooth meet and greet at the car park, we handed over the car keys and walked the 10 miles (always so far away!!!) through to arrivals and then through to departures to find little old Sri Lankan airlines.

My bag, as it was a rucksack, ended up on a little old trolley by itself, as most people checking in had fancy suitcases, unlike my beat up, old thing. To add insult to injury, a sniffer dog was sent to sniff it as obvs anyone who has a backpacking rucksack is a druggie or has explosives!!! Do I look like I have either.... honestly!!There was even a man with a gun watching us and the dog!!!

It took hardly any time at all to get through baggage and this time both myself and James made it through unscathed and Unsearched. James’ trousers even stayed up this time when he took off this belt.... I also didn’t have to contend with the awkward looks when they found the lambs, who of course are accompanying us as ever!! Books bought in w h smiths (I didn’t need any but can not say no to books!!) just in case by 6yr old, cracked kindle bites the dust and then to the bar!!!

James drinking festive Rockin Rudolph ale and me with a g&t we jostled for a seat in the bar area as James was rudely asked to leave the food area!! He was not amused!!! Now we wait for 2 hrs for our gate to be announced!!..... shopping ;)

Hounslow – Canberra Road

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