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Poruthota Road

Sri Lanka, 26. November 2018
Kingsley was a delight (although was def missing a finger or two 🙈!!) and took us on a 30min drive out of Colombo towards Negombo, a catholic town. It seems very odd to be surrounded by churches and the occasional Hindu temple. I did not see a Buddha once on our journey! On arrival at the Jetwing beach hotel, we were greeted with a cool towel and a papaya drink. Kingsley left us to it, arranging for a 9.30am pick up in the morning, which seemed more than reasonable!

A lovely girl, showed us our room, with a bath in the middle of it, surrounded by glass (a little odd!!) but more than comfortable with a view of the sea.

We dived into our bags, swimmers and suncream on and down to the beach to acquire our loungers before the evening rain appeared. The beach was breezy, but still beautifully warm. Books were read, walks were taken and now time for a little snooze before dinner!!

– Poruthota Road

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