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Sri Lanka, 26. November 2018
Due to monsoon hanging around a bit longer than normal, sunset was not as spectacular as we’d hoped as the clouds rolled in, just as the sun began to drop, so we abandoned our wander and got ready for dinner.

We were a little early, so went to the beach bar for a little tipple first. Coconut breeze was my cocktail of choice (shock!!!) and James had a lion lager, which came in a sizeable old bottle!!! It was by candle light, so although pretty dark, it was atmospheric. We were also joined by one of the stray dogs at the hotel, which James named Kumar. He fell asleep, under the table, using my foot as a pillow!!!

Dinner was a 4 course set menu, the 2 choices per round. Myself and James both went for the fish options as it was caught by the fishing village next door to the hotel (or so they claim!!!) we only differed on the pudding front, where of course I had choc and James opted for the fruit. All washed down with a fruit mock tail for me and a lion stout (at 8%!!!!!) for Jamesy, which he very much enjoyed. With my Ceylon tea, I o course had some sugar, which had a warning from the Sri Lankan diabetic society about its health risks!!! This made me chuckle!!!

We retired to bed about 9pm as neither of us had anything more than snatched sleep in the last 36hrs!! This was a lovely sleep!!

When the alarm went off at 7am to see if we could see the fisherman heading out on their catamarans, we did not fancy it, so snoozed a little longer. When we did take a wander down to the beach before breakfast, they were hauling in their nets and their catch. Maybe dinner did come from them after all!!

Breakfast was a buffet affair with local and western options. James of course opted for many of the Sri Lankan delicacies including chicken curry, rice and Dahl..... I was a little more cautious as, my tummy, that food and a 4 hr car journey with Kingsley would not have been enjoyable for any party involved.


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