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North Central Province

Sri Lanka, 27. November 2018
A standard siesta before dinner, saw us through until abt 6.30, so with an hr or so to kill before dinner was open we got our ‘glad rags’ on and headed to the bar. Similar to last night, James had a beer and I had a standard coconut based cocktail, but this time it contained Arrack... a local spirit. It was scrummy in my cocktail but james’ experience of it neat post dinner was not so delicious!! It tasted like a very cheap whisky with a slightly sweet after taste!! 🤢

Dinner was a buffet with sooooo much choice. I think between us we had 10 plates!! The highlight of the savoury was a seafood bisque (whatever a bisque maybe!!) and some SriLankan curry which for me was a little too spicy! But then there was a whole ROOM of pudding!! This was very exciting and by the end I had abt 8 things on my plate!!! Some were not as lovely as they look, but you live and learn for tomorrow.

We meet Kingsley at 9am and so time for sleeps with James watching some random T10 cricket!!!

– North Central Province

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