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Habarana-Trincomalee-Batticaloa Road

Sri Lanka, 29. November 2018
This morning was a chill out morning as neither of us fancied a £80 trip to an old palace. I’m sure for some it is spectacular but neither of us, after the climb yesterday felt particularly wandery!!! The time by the pool was lovely and sunny, and the pool delightfully refreshing.... it only began to rain around 1pm and as we were heading out for our safari abt 2pm it did not bother us in the slightest.

A few Pringles for lunch and then off to the front desk to meet Kingsley and our jeep driver. It was still hammering it down, so the roof was on the jeep and we were on the road for around 10mins. Due to the monsoons all of the nellies had been guided towards the area where we were as all of the other plains, were flooded. Good chance of seeing them.

By the time our driver had got the tickets to go into the area, the rain had cleared up and the clouds were clearing. The top came off our vehicle which meant we could stand the and spy the whole way.

We saw some wild peacocks and peahens to begin with, some on the ground and the others up trees. I was first to spot our first set of nellies though, a small family group of 5 hidden in the grass. As we continued, more and more jeeps joined our route but we were in front!!! The next group were surrounded by jeeps with people hanging out of the side to stick cameras in their faces. They did not seem bothered in the slightest and actually wandered closer to the jeeps!

We also got out of the vehicle to walk up a rock to a viewing tower to see another herd below. One had got separated from them though, so with loud trumpeting they ran around the back of he jeeps to get to them. All of the jeep drivers jumped onto their cars and we were safe up the rockface. Poor thing was just scared. On the way out we saw a few more nellies and a hornbill (bringing back Bornean jungle memories!). We also went through a river and over many ditches for which I was very grateful we were on a 4x4.

The evening was a relaxed one, and with a bit of packing and eating dinner we were done for the day. Whilst at dinner however the room had been turned down and a friend by the name of Eric had joined our party and acquired my sunglasses!!!

– Habarana-Trincomalee-Batticaloa Road

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