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Gulf of Mannar

Sri Lanka, 05. December 2018
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So Tuesday and Wednesday were equally days of rest..... reading and swimming, eating and drinking!!

With chimpmunks (squirrels) joining us for food by the pool and crazy waiters who put ‘surprises’ in james’ cocktails!!

Tuesday evening we went to Mezz a Lebanese restaurant out on the terrace. The setting was lovely and you could see a storm out at sea lighting up the sky once in a while. The food was scrumptious, with flat breads and hummus as a starter and a meat grill with salad for a main!! We will def eat there again before the week is out.

Wednesday highlight was the watching of a storm during evening drinks with some incredible fork lightening.... we tried to video it but it was an epic fail. It rumbled around for hours though.

Early night ready for our 4am wake up call for our day trip!!

– Gulf of Mannar

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