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France, 03. September 2018
I am officially jet-lagged. Being up at 5am when you went to bed after 2am is the worst. I tried to sleep all morning but with the noise there was no chance.

Nicole has come down with a virus and has decided to stay and rest up to get better. Poor soul. Mike has bought her meds so fingers crossed for a fast recovery.

I am having allergy issues and I’m just a mess. My face is puffy, I’m itchy and have started forming rashes on my face and arms.

The three of us went out to breakfast for some crepes. Sweet tooth fix has been achieved. We decided as it was only the three of us we would have a nice day shopping and relaxing. Ok, not really relaxing for the boys. We strolled around looking at novelties and cloth stores. The French fashion is different.

There was so much of the police and army presence in the city today, which was more nerve wrecking then putting nerves to ease. I’m not really sure why they were out in force.

We strolled around the neighborhood and decided on a cafe to people watch while having drinks and cheese. So far, French cheese has been disappointing. We headed back to the hotel to recover before dinner tonight. No napping allowed. I need to sleep tonight.

Matt the star found us an Italian restaurant near the Eiffel Tower as we wanted to get night photos of it with the lights on. The sun only sets at 9pm so another late dinner was planned. Nicole woke up feeling fresher after her day of recovery and decided to brave the world and join us on the adventure.

It was honestly the best pasta (Ravioli alla Caprese) i have ever had. We all gave the venue 10/10. Go to il Sorrentino if you want outstanding service and food. It is very popular and we didn’t have a reservation so we had to wait 40mins for a table.

We were offered alcohol every 2 minutes by the illegal vendors at the Eiffel Tower. The police did a drive by and I have never seen anyone move so fast like these guys. They packed up quickly with foldable bags. They know the drill.

We took our snaps and watched the light show of the Eiffel Tower and headed back home. Every hour on the hour they do a little light show. It was pretty while it lasted. Everyone have your fingers crossed for me tonight. I need my beauty sleep.

Au Revoir!


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