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France, 05. September 2018
Place Masséna
We were up at 6am heading off to the airport with our final goodbye to Paris.

The flight was very quick and just over an hour. We booked an Uber to our Airbnb apartment. It worked out cheaper than the buses.

We arrived at our Longchamp Appartment at 12pm but check in was at 3pm so our contact for the apartment Fabrice met us and we stored our bags in his apartment. He is such a delight. We haven’t met a rude Frenchmen yet.

We explored Nice by going down to the promenade for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe and strolled the streets to Place Masséna. It was designed in the 1800s. That was where the Nice attacks happened in 2016. There is a lot of army presence here patrolling but that was the same in Paris too. They look so cool and relaxed in their uniforms and guns.

The apartment wasn’t ready so we strolled around the cobblestone streets and found a supermarket and bought our supplies. They don’t give out plastic bags here either. 65c a bag here. Today was our first gelato for the trip. They made our cones into flowers. I didn’t regret the choice.

Our apartment is so luxe, we are living the high life now. Our view is very cute and classically french.

As we had such a big lunch down at the promenade we decided to have some wines and watch the sun go down and head to dinner later in the night.

We googled restaurants and decided to just head down to the old town area and find something we all liked there. We found a square with rows and rows of Italian restaurants and decided to stick around there. The portion sizes here are huge, we took the leftovers home and strolled back through the streets home.

Au Revoir!
Hard Rock Cafe lunch
View from Longchamp apartment


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